Welcome to TiE

I’m a Master’s student in the College of Education.  The area I’m in is Technology in Education.  Part of the requirement for several classes (or so I’m starting to gather) is having a blog.

Well, I already have a blog, I like it, I like the name, so I’m starting a separate “category” within the blog for Technology in Education.  Anytime you want to see what’s new in “Technology in Education”, at least from my viewpoint, you can visit

Welcome to my musings and feel free to comment.  Please note that I have all comments on approval.  So, I’ll be looking at them for true content as opposed to some spam bot.  What this means to you is the comment has to pass my version of the Turing test which means “meaningful, constructive comments” vs “wow, great post” or “get cialis now! here’s how”.


By Mark

I work in IT and ride Motorcycles. I do one to support the other.