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Motorcycle ownership

I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to this post every so often to update it but wanted to get the list down now while I was thinking about it.

Unlike my brother, I don’t have a picture of every vehicle I’ve owned and detailed records of every aspect of every vehicle. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I did, really I do, I just didn’t get that particular gene.


Today everyone is Irish

To all my Irish brothers and sisters, be it for one day or for a lifetime, I thought I’d share some traditional Irish blessings (or parts as the case may be). I’ve never had the DNA tested, but I’ve been told I have Irish ancestry, and that’s what I prefer to believe.

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Small Things Follow Up

This is a follow up to

I was looking through my YouTube channel and I found the following TEDx Talk I have bookmarked. The talk is by Christian Boer, the creator of Dyslexie font. I found it interesting and well worth the less than seven minutes it takes to watch.