I am fortunate in that my career path reflects my interests. I have been intrigued by technology since an early age when I got my first “real” computer, a TRS-80. Computing has advanced a long way since the days of tape drives and sixteen colors; as has my interests. I am fascinated by advances in mobile computing and the implications that has on our society.

Besides technology, I also enjoy working with wood and metal. The wood working projects I have tackled so far have been minor, bookshelves and bird feeders, but I have plans for building a Captain’s Bed in the near future.  For metal working, which is a relatively new interest, I have made a few home decor signs and some functional pieces that serve a specific purpose.  I hope to soon combine the two to create works of art that blend metal and wood into useful and functional pieces.

I also am a fan of motorcycling (see Motorcycle ownership), I used to average around 10,000 miles a year, but recent events have drastically limited how much I ride.  I still have a personal goal of being able to say I have rode a motorcycle in all 50 states.