I’ve always been a big fan of learning. I thrive on new experiences, figuring out how things work, and learning to do new things. As a much younger person I would take things apart, sometimes when they were still working, to figure out how they work. As an adult, I’ve improved in my ability to not only take things apart, but to also put them back together in such a way that they would work again.

I’ve had the pleasure to, since 1996, work in an academic setting that allowed me to take classes while working. During that time, I have completed:

  • an Associates degree (that work was mostly done prior to 1996)
  • a Bachelor of Specialized Studies Degree
  • a Masters of Education – Computers and Technology in Education
  • (on permanent? hold) PhD in Education – Instructional Technology

Since I have completed all three degrees while working I have been able to use the concepts covered in class in real world applications.