Road Rage part 1

Also known as “how to get yourself on a hit list by not knowing how to drive”

So, I found out something interesting today. Traffic lights, or at least the one I was at, will cycle whether or not someone is over the trigger (you know that space that will activate the light, usually a weight or magnetic sensor). I also found out that if said someone is not over the trigger the light will automatically change (cycle) because the sensor senses that there are no vehicles waiting to go through said light.

And just how do I know that? No, it wasn’t me, I wasn’t screwing with the person behind me, it was the person in front of me that decided it would be a good idea to stop a *FULL* car length back from the light. Last I checked, you were supposed to pull up so that the front bumper was at the line, not stop so you could still *see* the line out of your windshield.

And, to make matters worse the *idiot* that was in the other lane must have thought there was an invisible car in front of them as well because they pulled up even with the car in front of me, not up to the line, even, bumper to bumper. I mean, come on, what were they gonna do “drag race”?

So anyhow, the light changes and as the person in front of me moves forward (at least they did know that green means *GO*) the light is already changing to yellow and then back to red.  I have to admit, I’m actually surprised they didn’t slam on the brakes to stop at the yellow light.  They would have been surprised and dumb founded as to why it took two or three tries to get through a light.  And of course, *idiot* 2 would have had to stop with them, because heaven forbid you should pull past the car in the lane next to you.  I wonder what they would do at a light where they had a green light and the lane next to them was waiting for an arrow?  Probably sit there waiting ’cause they wouldn’t want to risk going past the car in the next lane!

Ok, I’m done now, end of rant, but if you see some guy sitting behind you shaking uncontrollably as you site *ONE FULL CAR LENGTH* away from the light, just save everyone the trouble of wanting to kill you and move forward.  That or *STOP DRIVING*, return your Drivers License to the BMV and take a cab.  At least you’ll be providing someone with a means of living.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s part 1 because I am quite certain there will be others out there.  In fact I know it because I’ve seen it.  Maybe next time I’ll post it with a picture so you’ll know who to keep an eye out for.

–server goon

By Mark

I work in IT and ride Motorcycles. I do one to support the other.