Ah, spam chat box, how I want to chat with you…

Ok, so I’ve occasionally gotten this and generally I ignore them…  This time I decided to respond.  Notice how the spam chat box responds so eloquently to my answers.

(2:07:38 PM) jenbabie258 has buzzed you!
(2:07:38 PM) jenbabie258: hey..r u online?
(3:26:36 PM) jenbabie258 has buzzed you!
(3:26:36 PM) jenbabie258: hey 🙂 u around??
(3:26:55 PM) me: nope

Ok, at this point, I’m thinking, sarcastic comment.  If it’s someone I know they’ll respond in kind.

(3:27:09 PM) jenbabie258: hey, u r francesca’s friend right?

Nope, no sarcasm, just asking a question.  Now I don’t know a Francesca that I know of, but sometimes you meet people and you never really know their names.  Sometimes it’s because they go by their middle name instead of their first name.  I’m quite certain there are people that have no clue what my mom’s real name is.  Regardless, it *could* be someone I know or a friend of someone I know.  I’ve helped people out and I wouldn’t put it past someone to pass on my name if someone needed help, I’m just that kinda guy!

(3:27:53 PM) me: I don’t believe I know a francesca.
(3:28:07 PM) jenbabie258: what?? she gave me your chat name LOL, i’m sorry, anways im bored,what r u up to?

yep, always have people that think they know me, then find out they don’t then want to chat anyhow.  And they are *always* bored!  At this point it’s obvious that it’s a spam chat box, but they’re getting better, almost seemed like a real person there for a split second.

(3:28:29 PM) me: nice – but I’m working, thanks.
(3:28:43 PM) jenbabie258: oh yea? im just doing a cam chat right now, u wanna come chat with me on there?

Yep, definitely a spam chat box….  so, I quickly search for this comic that made me laugh and send it as a link.. last chance to prove any trace of humanity or programming skills.  Hmm, that makes me wonder, do they trace the conversations and build that into the programming?  That would be *FANTASTIC*!  The next time someone sends this link they respond with something slightly human.

(3:31:23 PM) me: nope
(3:31:34 PM) jenbabie258:cool, yea its pretty fun, it can get pretty hot in there sometimes! so many wild people. lemme get the info k?

Oh, epic fail on being human.  Yet another account to block.  Not that the name itself wouldn’t be a give away.  Well that was fun, now back to work….

By Mark

I work in IT and ride Motorcycles. I do one to support the other.