Wearable Tech

It seems there is quite the buzz about wearable tech these days.  Most recently a post on Wired (

I think the idea of wearable tech is really cool.  Really, who doesn’t want a Dick Tracy watch phone!?  There are however a few things that concern me starting with the quote from de la Mare “Google is one of the only organizations that can take the management away from you and provide something meaningful.”  Yet later in the article they take a poke at Apple for their control “…  and dictates what information you receive”.  To me there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference in that.  Admittedly, I’m an android phone, so chances are I’ll own an android watch before an i-watch.  I just really wish they would focus on the product, what it can do, and hopefully deliver it at a good price point.  Price point is of utmost importance to me, after all, I’m not willing to pay $1500 for “glasses”, or $300 for “gear” (  Maybe the technology is that pricey, but if wide acceptance and use is what is wanted, it has to be something obtainable by the average debt laden consumer.

By Mark

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