IPhone – day three

So, I tried out this cool little app called MotionX GPS tracker by the “The MotionX Team“.  This app lets you “track” where you’ve been, how long it took you to get there, average speed, maximum and minimum elevation, etc.  All the things you’d like to know if you wanted to take someone hiking through the woods on the same path, biking trails, or in my case, the path you took on the motorcycle (this would be great for laying out poker runs).  And, if that weren’t enough (this is the free version mind you) you can take pictures and have them attached to points along the trail.  How cool is that?

Oh, and in case you are wondering… the full version is 299 (that’s in pennies folks!) – great product from the first look and I’m thinking well worth that high price tag to get the full version.


iphone first thoughts.

Yeah, so I’m behind the curve.  All you other uber-geeks out there have had the iphone since it first came out, waiting in line for the chance to get the “latest and greatest” apple product released to the world.

So, these are my first thoughts… after one day of usage.
1. The battery life isn’t the greatest.  Admittedly, I was using it pretty heavy throughout the day, but if you were truly using this as a “tool” and not just a phone, you would have to charge it at some point during the day.
2. I just tried to add a contact from an incoming call.. not intuitive, you touch the number and it dials.  Fantastic, but what if I want other options, like save to contacts?  Oh, yeah, there’s this little arrow over on the right next to the number, you touch it and then you get the options… did I mention it was little?  I gots paws, not dainty little fingers, I’m not some emo punk that doesn’t eat.. oh, wait, I’m going into a rant..  NEXT
3. So, it’s an apple, it just works right?  Where’s the manuals?  I mean, just working doesn’t exclude the necessity for documentation right?  I think this is a problem with apple (ok, not just apple, most software/hardware).  You have a product and you assume everyone is going to automatically know how to use it?  I don’t think so.  There seems to be lacking the documentation on how to modify the product to suit your needs.  Instead, the depend on the public (read hackers) to create the documentation for them.  It’s my phone, I should be able to modify it how I want.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I’m writing right now.


gone to the darkside

So, I bought an I-Phone.  I feel so dirty.

But an I-Phone is cool right?

Well, yeah, but do you realize how much I fun I poke at Mac users?  Okay, so I poke a little less fun at them now that OSX is *nix based.  But still, do they have to make it so blasted hard to do anything?  The clock disappears from the bar at the top of the screen, you call tech support and they tell you “Reinstall the OS”.  WTF kind of a solution is that?  That would be like me reformatting the server because a script functioned incorrectly do the end user not being able to read.

Guess that’s just my microsucks upbringing coming to the front again.

I’ll report in later as to what I think.