Spam! Glorious SPAM!


So, I’m getting comments on posts.

Fantastic right?

Well, not so much when you consider they are bullshit spammers trying to get comment approval so it can link to the latest penis/breast enlargement.  Really, as if I don’t get enough spam as it is.  If I write something and you think it’s great, comment!  By all means, PLEASE comment.  If I write something and you think I’m an arrogant bastard full of shit!  By all means, PLEASE comment.  You won’t be the first or the last to feel that way.

Thing is, some are a little more coniving… the little bastards!  One comment was “cooooolest website name” (and yes, it had that many o’s).  Well, good, I’m glad you like the name, I happen to think it was cool too.  Normally I’d pick a name that I absolutely hate, but this time I thought “what the hell, let’s pick a name I might actually like”.  Besides, (NSFW) was already taken.

Another comment was “Great useful information on, keep it that way!”.  Wow, talk about stroking your ego, I almost approved that comment… Until I looked at the website associated with the comment.  I really don’t want to be advertising for (no, that wasn’t really it, but wouldn’t that be a GREAT name?  Talk about truth is advertising).

And then, there’s the “now in my rss reader”.  Great, you’ve contributed.  Yeah for you!  How about next time putting some thought into it and making a full sentence or a comment worth reading?  If you like the site, please say so, maybe pick an aspect that you like, or hey, how about an aspect you DON’T like!?  Guess I’ll find out real quick if this really is in the person’s RSS reader….  😀

Of course there is also the string of comments that is nothing but random letters mixed in with links for God only knows what… All I got to say to that is “get a life”.  Its the modern day electronic version of graffiti.  Spraying meaningless bullshit on a wall just to prove you were there while taking away from the aesthetic value of the structure itself ( yeah, go ahead, argue with me about the artistic value of graffiti ).  So you hung out under the bridge and put your “tag” on it.  How about you take that great artistic talent and put it to use improving buildings in your neighborhood.  Paint a house, put a mural on a building.  Make it worth more than what is was before, not something that the government ( who is most likely supporting your lazy asses – yeah, remember that comment about being an arrogant bastard? ) will have to pay someone to come along and clean off later.  Better yet, get a job and become a productive member of society instead of spamming.

So what’s the chances of any of this getting through.  Yeah, I know, none.  But just thought I’d let you know not to expect anything to be “approved” unless it’s valid worthwhile content.  Comment on that!

By Mark

I work in IT and ride Motorcycles. I do one to support the other.