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As with all things recalled from memory, there may be some minor embellishments.

I was recently tasked with upgrading the Sophos console.  Simple enough right?  The directions insured us that there were no needs for Database work, it was simply a matter of downloading the upgrade file, unpacking it and running the update.  Ah, simple, the way I like my software updates… But, alas, it was not to be!


File downloaded, unpacked, upgrade file located!  Click and run!  DENIED!  Database must be upgraded before software can be upgrade.  Double check the documentation, sure enough, “no
changes to the database component are required”

no changes to the database component are required

Do a little digging and low and behold, there ARE scripts that need to be run as part of the update process.


Bring in the database guy, pull the information about running the scripts.  We both read the directions and scratch our heads as to exactly what is meant.  We do several attempts at passing various command line options to the batch files. Results?  No luck. Luckily, the batch file generates a log file that contains useful debugging information right?

 Wed 06/01/2016
 01:36 PM

Well, that was helpful.


Called the vendor representative.  His solution?  Yep, no idea, I just sell the product.  You should contact technical support, put in a ticket and they will help you out.  (Okay, to be fair, he did indeed try a couple of things and did a genuine attempt at helping.  Honestly, it’s not his responsibility, he’s the salesman, not the tech guy, so it’s not really a bad reflection on him or the company.  After hanging up from the phone call we continue to try a couple more things. The Database guy sets up a local environment and runs the scripts and everything works okay, so we now know it has to be how we are passing the command line arguments.  We call it quits for the day and agree to meet back up in a day or two to tackle it again and/or call technical support – yeah right – have you EVER known someone that works in technology to readily give up and call tech support?!  Well have you!?


The solution

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