Poor Customer service

As I’ve stated before, I really shouldn’t deal with customer service when I’m not in a good mood.  Most people when the call or in this case text for support are already in a bad mood.  Doing the following doesn’t help any.

Note the timestamp.  This popped up almost immediately and I didn’t even have time to state my question.  In this case it’s about the status of my order, which was supposed to ship Monday.  Today is Tuesday.  It’s also 10 minutes later as I’m writing this with no response from “Live Chat support”.

At this point, I want to be snarky, I want to post “Hi, Are you still there” in the chat window.  Having worked support before, I am refraining from doing so…. but it’s sooooo difficult!!!

UPDATE and slight RANT!

It took 13 minutes to let me know an item that was part of my order was on national back order.  This was for an order placed on 7/5/2018, scheduled to ship on 7/9/2018 and I wasn’t notified about the issue until I queried on 7/12/2018.  We live in a world of technology, there is no reason I should have had to ask about the order. The part being on back order should have triggered an email letting me know the issue and then give me the option to continue with the other parts I ordered, wait, or cancel order.  The bad part about all if this is the company already charged my credit card without having actually shipped the product.  I always thought there was a “don’t charge till shipped” policy, I guess that’s no longer the case.

By Mark

I work in IT and ride Motorcycles. I do one to support the other.