It’s a virus!

upside down screen
This, is NOT a virus! It’s a feature of certain video drivers. DO NOT ERASE YOUR HARD DRIVE!

Or so a certain someone seemed to think.  The individual in question thought his mother had a virus on her computer.  The screen was upside down, they couldn’t use it because, well, the screen was UPSIDE DOWN!  So, what was his solution?  He wiped the hard drive, reinstalled windows and all other related software.  As his brother was telling me this story, I started laughing.  You see, this individual is convinced he knows computers, and at one point had proceeded to tell me about how he could do my job better than I could because he was just that skilled (his my lack of concern for telling this story).  And I’m fine with that, but you see, I am a successfully employed Application Support Specialist, I’ve been a Desktop Support Specialist and a Systems Administrator while his is… NOT employed in the IT field.  I’ve ran the gambit, learning many things along the way, and I know the solution to this virus…  It’s the keys CTRL + ALT + UP ARROW.  Now that’s not claiming I know everything.  I’ve seen some things my own mother has done to her computer that left me shaking my head wondering how in the world she managed to find a short cut I didn’t even know existed.

Moral of the story:  Just because some one claims to know about something doesn’t mean they really do.

Secondary Moral of the story: If you claim to know something, but really don’t, at least check Google first. A simple search for “screen upside down” will save you a lot of work and embarrassment… Especially when someone like me learns about it and feels it would be a good idea to spread the story as a warning to others.

By Mark

I work in IT and ride Motorcycles. I do one to support the other.