I coulda been a contender!

So, it all started the other day when….

*of course, names, occupations, and just about everything else has been changed to protect the not so innocent*

I seriously could not make this shit up, period.

I’ve got this friend that considers himself one of the technical elite. He knows programming, he knows computers, he is the master of his own domain!

So what, may you ask, does he do for a living?
Well, right now he’s unemployed.

Yes, you heard right, unemployed.

Yeah, I know, it’s terrible with all those techno-elitist loosing jobs, it must be difficult with the over abundance of technical folks out there applying for all the good positions. Makes competition at Joe’s Burger Shack so much stiffer.

Oh, what? I didn’t tell you? Oh, he’s not a programmer, technical support specialist, not even a lowly server goon like me… His last gainful employment was at a feed store…. selling, you guessed it… FEED!

In fact, he’s not even finished his Associate’s Degree. According to him he knows much more than any of the teachers teaching (who, I’ve gotta add ARE gainfully employed in their field). So, sitting through the painfully low level classes to get his degree is simply too much for him. *please note, I KNOW there are folks out there that are skilled beyond reason, that know how to do things that would blow your freakin’ mind… and they haven’t taken a single class* I might also mention that he’s not one of them!

ARG! It’s like having the guy serving you burgers at Joe’s Burger Shack tell you he’s a licensed Pharmacists… hmm, let me think about that for a minute… If I were a licensed Pharmacist, would I be slinging meat at a Joe’s or would I be working in a pharmacy.

Imagine the conversation…

human 1: I coulda been a contender for the Heavy Weight Champion of the World!
me: really!? What happened to your career? Did you have an accident, loose a bad fight? Get injured during a match?
human 1: uh me? Oh no, I never even fought, but I coulda been a contender! If I would have bothered to apply myself and enter a fight or even take a boxing lesson… maybe if I bought a pair of gloves…
me: ah, I see, I woulda won the lottery.. OH wait, I didn’t BUY a !@$^ TICKET!

Plan and simple, get a clue, if you’re slinging meat at Joe’s, you’re not a contender, you’re not a Doctor, you’re not a Pharmacist… YOU ARE HANDLING SOMEONE ELSE’S MEAT… Now, I’ll give ya the fact that you may have the potential, but until you have the official title of ANYTHING ELSE, you will still be the meat jockey @ Joe’s.

At best, you will be a person with a hobby.

Experimenting with drugs at home != Pharmacist.

By Mark

I work in IT and ride Motorcycles. I do one to support the other.