CSS Genius at work.

And no, it’s not me.  Someone sent me a link to Matthew James Taylor’s “Equal Height Columns with Cross Browser CSS” post.  It’s a really smooth way to get equal height columns with different backgrounds working smoothly.

Since reading this first post, I’ve spent several hours reading through what he has on his site; some if it’s quite ingenious and I must say I’m quite jealous that I haven’t come up with some of the ideas myself.  And the best part of it all, it’s all there for download and use… not that an intelligent person could scrape the CSS and HTML to replicate what he’s doing anyhow, but it’s nice to know he’s willing to share.  So I encourage to go off and learn, be inspired.  I know I’m inspired and looking at doing a redesign based off of what I’ve read so far.  My hat’s off to you Matthew James Taylor.

By Mark

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